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GX Consultancy!

"Judge me by my size, do you?" - Yoda.

Science Fiction is a great resource for inspiration, we love a good space opera. But why should they have all the great software user interfaces and capabilities?
We have made it our mission to give our customers easy to use, good looking, and innovative software solutions.

Our software solutions are not limited to just your PC, we incorporate Tablets, Smartphones, Mobile Handheld Scanners, and more as required by your project.
It doesn't matter what Operating System any of them run, we develop in different programming languages to suit your needs.

Seriously...give us a call.

Our Services

Software Development

Desktop Software, Dashboards, Web Based Intranet, Data Entry, for Windows or Linux.

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Mobile Development

Our specialisation in mobile development is primarily for the Enterprise.

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Data Capture

We develop software that employs 1D/2D barcodes, or RFID/NFC tags for data capture.

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We analyse your IT setup for you, and then advise you on your options.

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Our Work